External Appearance
External Appearance

External Appearance

Nothing matches the pride you feel in your clean, well-maintained boat. Keeping your rig looking and performing like new has longevity benefits, too. Here are some tips and easy procedures you should perform regularly to help protect and preserve your baby.

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Make it easy on yourself.

Just like you clean the inside of your outboard by fresh water flushing after each trip, thoroughly spray down your boat and the outside of your outboard with fresh, clean water. Use a soft cloth and a mild, marine-specific cleaning agent, like Yamaclean®, then rinse it again. A Yamalube® Marine Detailing Kit is a handy way to get the goods you need to help protect and beautify the exterior; so you can take pride in your ride while you’re preserving it.

Tip: Don’t use liquid dish soap or ordinary household detergents when washing your boat. They remove waxes and other protective coatings your boat needs.

To protect and preserve.

Don’t be afraid to spray the entire powerhead liberally with Yamalube® YamashieldTM. It not only helps give your powerhead that just-detailed look, but also helps prevent the effects of corrosion. While you’re at it, protect and preserve the rubber seal between the cowling and the engine pan with a high-quality silicone spray, like Yamalube Silicone Protectant & Lubricant. This helps keep it supple to prevent water from entering this area.

Look out below.

Keep things sharp and protected below deck. Use Yamaclean® Bilge Cleaner as necessary, and spray your battery terminals with Yamalube Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protector. Keep a clean hull for good looks and maximum performance, too. You’ll find commercially available anti-fouling paints, coatings and materials to help get, and keep, your hull clean and free of marine growth. There are Yamalube cleaners for that annoying waterline, too.

Keep it covered.

Protect your outboard from the elements when not in use or when trailering by using a custom-fit Yamaha engine cover. If your boat sits outside, a custom-fit boat cover is a worthwhile investment. Even a tightly pulled tarp will help to a degree in this regard.

Whether washing, waxing, caring for your upholstery, cleaning isinglass, polishing stainless steel, cleaning carpet or deodorizing life jackets and wet storage areas, you’ll find the marine-specific formulas to make it easy and to do it right at your local Yamaha Marine dealer. Just look for the yellow stripe on the Yamalube label.

Tip: If the products you need are not currently in stock, ask that they be ordered, and accept no substitutions. Insist on killer clean. Insist on Genuine Yamalube cleaners and care products.

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